The Real Reason For Transgender Oppression


 Janice Raymond undoubtedly was the biggest trans basher in her time. 

The misassumption is that the Carter Administration was actually open to whatever Janice Raymond wrote and that she could have written positive things that the Carter Administration would have accepted had she done that. The Carter Administration obviously hired her because she was the biggest trans basher of her time and not in spite of that fact.

Another perhaps bigger misassumption is that this was done to cover Dr. Money’s tracks. The problem with that theory is that transsexual political oppression was taking foothold in countries all around the world including the than very tolerant to outright almost outright accepting Malaysia whom obviously never had any connection to Dr. Money whatsoever. 

This leads to the next question. What is the real reason transsexuals are oppressed? The then new and emerging porn industry must have discovered at that time that a woman with a penis is more valuable to them than one without a penis. I read a somewhere on the internet that trans porn outsold lesbian porn $3 to $1 in 2009. I don’t know how accurate that figure is but commercial (mainly porn and prostitution) trans sex demand obviously exceeds vastly the potential supply of trans sex industry workers except perhaps in Thailand! Transgender people having civil rights to employment outside of the sex industry would deplete supply thus raising costs to prohibitive levels.

It is naive to think that over a million man hours and perhaps dozens of millions of dollars has been spent trying to oppress trans people when a vast majority of people don’t even know anyone who is trans and trans people being far too uncommon to be perceived as any kind of threat for scapegoating purposes. Meeting sexual demand makes practical albeit cruel sense to justify the man hours and dollars put into trans oppression that mindless hate and ignorance does not. Sexually unmarketable transsexuals are simply collateral damage rather than intended targets for oppression. 

If there is anyone who should be considered the worst trans oppressor it should be Ex-President Jimmy Carter for depravedly caving into this demand rather than a trash talking lesbian transphobe.

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